"I am an elementary art teacher and I play KIDJAM for my students when we work on art in our classroom.  The students love the station and get hooked on the messages about being drug free and bullying is bad.  They have liked it so much they tell their parents to play the radio at home!  I love this station because it's clean, good music for my kids to enjoy while they create art."

-Ms. Gonzales, Reed Elementary School in Cedar Park Texas


“Creating a family-focused mood has always been a priority for the Akron Zoo. KIDJAM! helps us set a positive first impression, sending a message that we truly care about the visitor experience -- right down to the music heard as you begin your Zoo adventure.”

-Dave Barnhart, Director of Marketing and Guest Services for the AKRON Zoo


“We are excited to share KIDJAM! with our students.  The music and peer-to-peer messages should really resonate with them, and the program's cheerful, positive tone complements the environments we are creating in our new community learning centers."

-David James, Akron Public Schools Superintendent


“Our Expressive Therapy Center is the only dedicated pediatric expressive therapy facility in the region, and was built to enable children facing illness and their families to experience what it means to be human through whatever creative art inspires them. Collaborating with The Summit and KIDJAM! adds another terrific dimension of creativity, literally by giving voice to kids and giving them the chance to inspire others. We are so grateful for this partnership.”

-Sarah Friebert, MD, Dir. of The Haslinger Family Pediatric Palliative Care Center at Akron Children’s


“The foundation is pleased to be able to support the KIDJAM! Studio as a creative outlet to help young patients share their stories and talents as they undergo treatment. It’s a wonderful concept and we’re glad to be part of the effort.”

-Deborah D. Hoover, President & CEO of the Burton D. Morgan Foundation


“The KIDJAM! Studio program is designed to augment the healing and coping process for these kids, through its innovative focus on media education, self-reflection and fun. We are so excited to work with Akron Children’s and to air the first broadcast.”

-Tommy Bruno, General Manager & Executive Director at The Summit


“It's hard to believe that our patients now have access to an amazing recording studio on our campus in our Expressive Therapy area.  This was truly a team effort as evidenced by the generous support from our philanthropic, corporate, and media community.  We are all committed to working toward a bright future for the children and families that we are honored to serve.  KIDJAM! at Akron Children's Hospital will positively impact the community for years to come."

-Bill Considine, CEO Akron Children's Hospital