About KIDJAM! Radio™

Our Mission

The KIDJAM!™ Radio mission is to ENTERTAIN and EMPOWER children to build good health and lifestyle habits, self-esteem, and character.

KIDJAM!™ fulfills this mission by:

  • Introducing a variety of appropriate music styles and sharing kid-to-kid communications intended to motivate listeners to do their best and make good choices.

  • Offering easy access to listening! KIDJAM!™ can be enjoyed through its own streaming website and on The Summit’s mobile app.

  • Sharing the music and messaging broadly with area partner locations through a special wireless service developed just for The Summit. Kids jam to the music and absorb messaging during time in common areas at schools, after-school programs, and attractions like the Akron Zoo! 

  • Providing an extensive playlist of commercial-free music from five generations for “tweens” (ages 8-12), that kids and parents can enjoy together, free of corporate influence or ulterior motives.

  • Giving kids a chance to share their voices (as "KidJammers" or the program's "deejays") through The Summit's public radio platform!  KIDJAM!™ also introduces KidJammers to the technology used in radio programming, serving as a STEM tool!

  • Developing and respecting the intelligence of kids and presenting -- in their own voices -- sixteen core concepts (building blocks) for healthy living and decision making.

  • Emphasizing an integrated values system based on KIDJAM!™ concepts created and endorsed by teachers, parents, and professionals.

  • Celebrating harmony in the everyday choices kids make -- at school, at home, and with their friends.

  • Offering parents a positive, safe place in the public airwaves for their children -- commercial-free and with no usage fees.


For impact information, check out this early KJR evaluation report compiled by Summit Education Initiative! (Hearing is Believing)